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  • Garden Bellver

    Nature does nothing in vain.
  • Plants joy at home ...

    Plants purify the air, absorb greenhouse gases, raise the humidity and dampen noise.
  • Longer lasting flowers

    Getting have impressive flowers is simple with our tips.
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The flowers are used to express feelings and send coded messages.
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Home plants absorb carbon dioxide and humidity increase.
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If there were no dogs in the world, I'd hate life. Man's best friend.
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Plants and Trees

Post and Planters

Earth, Gravel and Stones

Treated Wood

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Magatzem Guerrero – Bellver de Cerdanya

  • Who we are? +

    Magatzem Guerrero SL, is a small family business that opened about a January 17, 1990 in Bellver de Cerdanya. During the first years of life, we were located in a shop in the town center, for the sale of flowers, silver, wine, figures etc.

    Gradually, the company grew, the sale of flowers, plants, trees and landscaping materials. Because of this, we have been specializing in everything related to the field of gardening. The shop was small and we decided to move to a larger place to so, provide better service to our customers.

    After much effort and sacrifice. In 2011 we opened the current Garden Center located on the old road to Santa Eugenia (antigua Granja Riell).

    Year after year we try to improve our service, training, products and new challenges.

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Customers say

  • For me the best of Magatzem Guerrero, location and ease of parking, very fair prices and the variety is the spice.
    David Casas Publicista.
  • Bellver much it has changed ... for the better. We really like to buy plants escape the Garden of La Cerdanya best !!! Greetings family.
    Carmen Contreras Empresaria.
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